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70 Million: Tribal Land, Banishment, Rehabilitation and Re-Entry

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This week on Making Contact – with assistance from our podcast partners, 70 million – we head to the state of Alaska, where statewide increases in violent crime and substance abuse have led to increased incarceration rates among Native Americans. Making use of their legal sovereignty, some Alaska Native leaders issue “blue tickets,” documents that sentence offenders to legal expulsion. Journalist Emily Schwing looks into these banishment practices and their impacts on those affected by both tribal and state criminal justice systems.

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  • David
  • Joe Asuluk
  • Vanessa Lincoln
  • Charles Moses
  • Robert Pitka
  • Jody Potts


70 Million, Season 3 Credits:

  • Phyllis Fletcher, Editor
  • Laura Flynn, Editor
  • Cedric Wilson, Lead Producer and Audio Engineer
  • Virginia Lora, Managing Producer
  • Leslie Datsis, Marketing Lead
  • Sarah McClure, Fact Checker
  • Ryan Katz, additional fact checking
  • Michelle Baker, Photo Editor
  • Mitzi Miller, Host
  • Juleyka Lantigua, Creator and Executive Producer

Making Contact Staff:

  • Interim Senior Producer: Jessica Partnow
  • Producers: Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani, Lucy Kang, Amy Gastelum
  • Executive Director: Jina Chung

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  • Al Lobo Loco – Pilgrim 2000
  • Blue Dot Session – Order of Entrance
  • Audiobinger – The Garden State

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