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70 Million: Taking Mental Health Crises Out of Police Hands

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Police encounters during a mental health crisis have a greater chance of turning deadly if you’re Black. New response mechanisms bypass law enforcement and result in helpful interventions. Reporter Jenee Darden looks at how folks in Northern California are trying to reimagine crisis response services.

Image Caption and Credit: Asantewaa Boykin, co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project, program director for MH First Sacramento, and an ER nurse, poses for a photo at her home in Sacramento. Photo by Sarah Nevis.


  • Taun Hall – Co-Founder of the Miles Hall Foundation
  • Shannon Scully – Senior Manager of Criminal Justice Policy at National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • Cat Brooks – Activist and Co-Founder of the Anti-Police Terror Project
  • Asantewaa Boykin – Co-Founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project, Program Director for Mental Health First Sacramento, ER Nurse
  • V Rabelo – Volunteer at Mental Health First Oakland
  • Noel Gallo – Oakland City Council Member
  • Loren Taylor – Oakland City Council Member


Reporter: Jenee Darden

70 Million, Episode 8 Credits:

  • Jen Chien, Executive Editor
  • Cedirc Wilson, Lead Producer and Audio Engineer
  • Sarah McClure, Fact Checker
  • Emma Forbes, Staff Writer
  • Michelle Baker, Photo Editor
  • Mitzi Miller, Host
  • Juleyka Lantigua, Creator and Executive Producer

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  • Host/Executive Producer: Anita Johnson

  • Interim Executive Director: Jessica Partnow

  • Staff Producers: Anita Johnson, Monica Lopez, Salima Hamirani

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Blue Dot Sessions – “Oriel”

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