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2024 Shows: Broadcast Files

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The Healing Project: An Abolitionist Story (Encore) 7/17/2024 Show Promo 29/24
Disability Justice in Action (Encore) 7/10/2024 Show Promo 28/24
Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice (Encore) 7/3/2024 Show Promo 27/24
Family Matters: What Helps Black Trans Kids Thrive 6/26/2024 Show Promo 26/24
Family Matters: How Communities Support Trans Kids in Conservative States 6/19/2024 Show Promo 25/24
The Trauma of Caste: A Dalit Feminist Meditation 6/12/2024 Show Promo 24/24
Disclose! Divest!: Behind the Fight Over College Endowments 6/5/2024 Show Promo 23/24
Borders: What are they good for? 5/29/2024 Show Promo 22/24
The Art of Healing: Finding Strength Through Frida Kahlo 5/22/2024 Show Promo 21/24
Jenny Odell and Discovering Life Beyond the Clock (Encore) 5/15/2024 Show Promo 20/24
Uncovering the Refugee Experience & Healing Through Storytelling (Encore) 5/8/2024 Show Promo 19/24
Survival for All: Securing Vaccines for the Global South 5/1/2024 Show Promo 18/24
You Can Still Have An Abortion 4/24/2024 Show Promo 17/24
The Coast Miwok Peoples, Colonization, and the Preservation of Indigenous History (Encore) 4/17/2024 Show Promo 16/24
America’s Black Capital 4/10/2024 Show Promo 15/24
The Origins of Zionism 4/03/2024 Show Promo 14/24
No, COVID Isn’t “Over,” and the Need for Continued Community 3/27/2024 Show Promo 13/24
Reproductive Justice: The Ongoing Struggle for Bodily Autonomy (Encore) 3/20/2024 Show Promo 12/24
Who’s Afraid of DEI?: Interrogating Gender & Race in the Workplace 3/13/2024 Show Promo 11/24
The Ethical Dilemma of Geoengineering & Global Warming (Encore) 3/06/2024 Show Promo 10/24
The Feminist Birth of the Home Pregnancy Test 2/28/2024 Show Promo 9/24
Jenny Odell on Saving Time 2/21/2024 Show Promo 8/24
Giving Bayard Rustin His Flowers (Encore) 2/14/2024 Show Promo 7/24
Tulsa’s Black History Saturday School 2/7/2024 Show Promo 6/24
Building Back Black Wall Street 1/31/2024 Show Promo 05/24
Uncovering the History of the Massacre of Black Wall Street (Encore) 1/24/2024 Show Promo 4/24
Nuclear Colonialism and The Story “Oppenheimer” Didn’t Tell (Encore) 1/17/2024 Show Promo 3/24
Denial of the Funk: The Impact of Racism on our Nation’s Health 1/10/2024 Show Promo 02/24
The Rise of the New Labor Movement 1/3/2024 Show Promo 01/24
But Next Time Part 4: The Road to Rebuilding and Recovering, Better (Encore) 12/27/2023 Show Promo 52/23
But Next Time Part 3: The Fight for Fair Housing in the Face of Climate Change (Encore) 12/20/2023 Show Promo 51/23
But Next Time Part 2: Language Justice and the Road to Recovery After Disaster (Encore) 12/13/2023 Show Promo 50/23
But Next Time Part 1: California Wildfires and Protecting Our Farmworkers (Encore) 12/6/2023 Show Promo 49/23
Gaza, Solidarity, and the Movement for Palestinian Liberation 11/29/2023 Show Promo 48/23
How Ollas Populares fed Buenos Aires through a pandemic (Encore) 11/22/2023 Show Promo 47/23
Powerlands (Encore) 11/15/2023 Show Promo 46/23
Not Just Speed Traps: Alabama Community Fights Back Against For-profit Policing – A 70 Million Story (Encore) 11/8/2023 Show Promo 45/23
The Promise and Peril of Geoengineering 11/1/2023 Show Promo 44/23
Modern Parenting…The Latino Way 10/25/2023 Show Promo 43/23
Whose Point Reyes? Indigenous History and Public Lands 10/18/2023 Show Promo 42/23
Saltwater Soundwalk: Indigenous Audio Tour of Seattle (Encore) 10/11/2023 Show Promo 41/23
The Rest of the Story: Indigenous Resistance 10/4/2023 Show Promo 40/23
Inclusion on Purpose 9/27/2023 Show Promo 39/23
The Shadow of Nuclear Colonialism 9/20/2023 Show Promo 38/23 Web Extra
A History of Traditional Root Healing (Encore) 9/13/2023 Show Promo 37/23
Toxic Tracks (encore) 9/6/2023 Show Promo 36/23 Web Extra
70 Million – Highway Robbery: How a Small Town Traffic Trap Became A Legal Black Hole 08/30/2023 Show Promo  35/23
Mexicans Confronting Racism: Aztec myths to modern stereotypes 08/23/2023 Show Promo 34/23
Pandemic and Profit (Encore) 8/16/2023 Show Promo 33/23
The Agony and the Ecstasy: Race and the Future of the Love Story Part 2 (Encore) 8/9/2023 Show Promo 32/23
The Agony and the Ecstasy: Race and the Future of the Love Story Part 1 (Encore) 8/2/2023 Show Promo 31/23
Criminalized Survival 07/26/23 Show Promo 30/23
Agitation to a System: Trans Resistance in Louisiana 07/19/23 Show Promo  29/23
The Healing Project: An Abolitionist Story (Encore) 07/12/23 Show Promo  28/23
What the SVB Failure Teaches us About Investment Banking (Encore) 07/05/23 Show Promo  27/23
Revolutionary Mothering and Reproductive Justice (Encore) 06/28/23 Show Promo  26/23
Powerlands 06/21/23 Show Promo 25/23
A History of Development and Disruption 06/14/23 Show Promo 24/23
The Fight Over the Indian Child Welfare Act Is Not Just A Custody Battle (Encore) 06/07/23 Show Promo 23/23
Well Nourished: How Mutual Aid is Transforming Food Security for Single Moms in Ohio (Encore) 05/31/23 Show Promo 22/23
Queens Memory Podcast- Seeing Signs 05/24/23 Show Promo 21/23
The Nakba: 75 Years On 05/17/23 Show Promo 20/23
70 Million: Grand Juries, The Black Box of Justice Reform? 05/10/23 Show Promo 19/23
What the SVB Failure Teaches us About Investment Banking 05/03/23 Show Promo 18/23
Self-Managed Abortion: Medicine of the Future? 04/26/23 Show Promo  17/23
Toxic Tracks 04/19/23 Show Promo 16/23
Saltwater Soundwalk 04/12/23 Show Promo 15/23
Ninety Seconds to Midnight 04/05/23 Show Promo 14/23
Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State (Encore) 03/29/23 Show Promo 13/23
Blindspot: Tulsa Burning and Focus: Black Oklahoma 03/22/23 Show Promo 12/23
Pandemic and Profit 03/15/23 Show Promo 11/23
70 Million: Why Policing Our Schools Backfires 03/08/23 Show Promo 10/23
Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice (Encore) 03/01/23 Show Promo 09/23
Behind The Sound with Making Contact 02/22/23 Show Promo 08/23
Angelic Troublemaker: Bayard Rustin (Encore) 02/15/23 Show Promo 07/23
The Healing Project: An Abolitionist Story 02/08/23 Show Promo 06/23
The Fight Over the Indian Child Welfare Act Is Not Just A Custody Battle 02/01/23 Show Promo 05/23
The Response: Mutual Aid with Joshua Potash 01/25/23 Show Promo 04/23
Upstream: Worker Cooperatives 01/18/23 Show Promo 03/23
70 Million: Punished and Persecuted for Being Unhoused, Part 2 01/11/23 Show Promo 02/23
70 Million: Punished and Persecuted for Being Unhoused, Part 1 01/04/23 Show Promo 01/23