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If the answers to your questions cannot be found on this page, please contact us.

Q. “Are you a nonprofit?”

A. Yes. Making Contact is the main endeavor of International Media Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with tax ID#94-3239511.

Q. “Who funds you?”

A. Our funding comes from a variety of sources, so we are free to explore corporate and government influence. 68% of our funding comes from over a thousand generous individuals. Here is a list of our key institutional funders.

Q. “What’s your budget?”

A. Our budget is $360,700. 69% of that is people costs. The rest is basically rent, show distribution, equipment, supplies, communications systems, and some fundraising costs – a very simple business. Please browse our annual reports

Q. “Do you offer production services, like event taping, sound booth rental, etc.?”

A. Yes – we provide sound booth rental and audio recording services to non-profit community groups and individuals at discount rates. Please contact Lisa Rudman at lrudman(at) radioproject (dot) org for more details.

Q. “How can I support/contribute to your work?”

A. You can quickly and safely donate now, or read more about why and how to donate money or other materials.

Q. “How can I be added to the mailing list?”

A. Please click HERE  to receive our enewsletters

Q. “How many radio stations are you on and where are they?”

A. Our flagship program, Making Contact, is broadcast on over 122 radio stations across the U.S. and Canada, South Africa, Australia and Ireland. Individual listeners can hear us via Internet-only radio stations (Webcasters). See our USA Radio Schedule or our International Radio Schedule.  If you’d like a staion in your area to air Making Contact let them know and let us know too!

Q. “When does Making Contact air in my area?”

A. See our USA Radio Schedule or our International Radio Schedule. You can also listen to programs from the Making Contact Archives online any time you want.

Q. “How do you choose topics?”

A. We have a variety of topic sources:

  • A community group or supporter alerts us to an issue
    (see How to Suggest a Story).
  • A radio station or freelance radio producer pitches us an idea
    (see Submission Guidelines).
  • The staff contributes possible ideas and pitches.
  • The Production Department reviews the last year or two of programs to determine topical gaps to fill, and which shows to do follow up editions on.
  • The Desks generate ideas in their topic areas.

Program Topic Decisions: Our team of producers are the point people for pitches. They consult with the staff and Executive Director as well as colleagues and National Radio Project advisors.

Q. “What topics or initiatives are coming up?”

A.  In 2016 we’ll produce a miniseries on Immigrants and Elections  and  we’ll continue to cover crucial Environmental topics such as Climate Change, Human Rights issues including Black Lives Matter and Islamaphobia, women’s rights and the ongoing struggle for reproductive justice.  Corporations overreach and undue influence and U.S. Militarism remain a core subject. Within all issues we try to tell human-driven stories and highlight solutions not just problems.

Please suggest topics, please visit this page.

Stations please contact Distribution to subscribe to the Advance Show Alerts e-mail list. These emails come out a week in advance of each program and will alert you to upcoming show topics and initiatives.


Q. “How can I get in touch with people on your programs?”

A. To contact a guest on a particular show, find that show in our Archives. Each program description contains contact information for guests. You can contact our staff here.

Q. “How do I order a CD ?”

A. Write down the program title and number, (e.g. “Women’s Movements in Palestine #09-05”), and follow our Ordering Instructions.

Q. “Do you offer discounts for CDs to teachers or for educational purposes?”

A. Yes – please contact us to talk about it.

Q. “Do you have events?”

A. Yes. Individual supporters host house parties. We occasionally do public events. Please contact us if you want to be informed of future events.

Q. “Do you have any job openings?”

A. Please see Jobs for current openings.

Q. “Do you have internships?”

A. We are currently not conducting prodution internships and instead we are concentrating on Making Contact’s Community Storytelling Fellowships

More information about Production Internships is available here.

More information about Organizational Internhips is available here.

Q. “What are your volunteer needs?”

A. If you are a team player who loves independent media, see our Volunteer Page to find out more about what you can do to help.

Q. “Can I volunteer if I live outside the San Francisco Bay Area?”

A. Out-of-town volunteers can help with transcribing, research and recording. More…

Q. “I work for a radio station. Can we air Making Contact?”

A. YES – it’s easy and FREE. We’ll even give you a link on our online schedule. More…

Q. “How can my group use Making Contact?”

A. We can make programs available to you for literature tables, or for your members to listen to in study groups. More…

Q. “How do I suggest or pitch a story?”

A. Grassroots groups can read How to Suggest a Story for instructions written for the general public.

Radio Producers – please see our Submission Guidelines.

Q. “Which grassroots groups do you collaborate with?”

A. Each Making Contact program description contains the contact information of the grassroots groups that contributed to that program. This means that our Archives are a Rolodex, including web links to the hundreds of groups we have worked with over the years.

Q. “What is your theme music?”

A. “Bullethead” from the Charlie Hunter Trio’s album, Bing, Bing, Bing! used to be our theme now we feature collages composed by Kaitlin Prest

Q. “Where are you located?”

A. Our offices and studios are located in downtown Oakland, California. Contact us if you’d like to visit our studios.