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70 Million: How Black Women Are Rightfully “Taking Seats at the Table”

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Nearly one in two Black women in the US have a loved one who has been impacted by our prison system. Many become de facto civilian experts as a result. Some rise to lead as catalysts for change. And now, scores of Black women are joining the ranks—as officers of the court, police, and judges—to manage and advance a system that has had such an outsized impact on their lives. On today’s episode we look at the many ways Black women are leading the conversation around policy and reform within the criminal justice system.

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Photo: Sara Nevis

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Alesha Monteiro, an advocate to those incarcerated, poses for a photo at the state Capitol in Sacramento, California.


  • Sheila Y. Rogers – Interim Police Chief in South Fulton, Ga.
  • Judge Shannon B. Baldwin has practiced law for over 22 years prior to becoming a judge. She is licensed in Georgia and Texas.
  • Debra M. Davis is a Maryland State Delegate since January 9, 2019
  • Alesha Monteiro, a member of the Essie Justice Group and an advocate to those incarcerated.

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