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70 Million: A Special Court Keeping Native Americans out of Jail

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Kirsten made her way out of jail and addiction with the help of a special court on the Penobscot Nation reservation in Maine. There, culture and justice work together to bypass traditional punitive measures for more restorative ones. Reporter Lisa Bartfai visits the Healing to Wellness Court to see how it all works.

Image Caption: Courtroom chairs set up in a circle for a Healing to Wellness session. Photo by Greta Rybus.

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  • Maria, and Maria’s Niece, Asylum Seeker in the US from Guatemala
  • Alexa Tamar Smith, American border Activist and Volunteer
  • Ansly Damus, Asylum Seeker from Haiti
  • Michael Tan, Attorney
  • Melody Hart and Gary Benjamin, offered to sponsor Ansly Damus
  • Sean Wellock, Maria’s Attorney
  • Anita Romero, offered to sponsor Maria
  • James Pennington, First Congregational United Church of Christ
  • Sarah Pierce, Migration Policy Institute

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