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70 Million: In Miami, Jailing Fewer, Treating More

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70 Million

Much like the rest of the country, jails in Miami-Dade County double as de facto mental health facilities for people with mental health issues cycling through the criminal justice system. But Miami-Dade’s Criminal Mental Health Project has taken the lead in addressing the needs of this population. Now it is a national model for how to tackle the interplay between mental illness and criminal justice, while driving down recidivism and jailing rates in the process. This episode is a collaboration between 70 Million and  radio station WLRN and reporters Nadege Green and Daniel Rivero.

70 Million is made possible by a grant from the Safety and Justice Challenge at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The 70 Million podcast is a production of Lantigua Williams & Co. 

Image Caption: Justin Volpe, peer specialist at the Criminal Mental Health Project, delivers medication to program participants in Miami.

Image Credit: Daniel Rivero

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  • Leah Reed, Peer Specialist for the Criminal Mental Health Project
  • Julie, Peer Specialist for the Criminal Mental Health Project
  • Justin Volpe, Peer Specialist for the Criminal Mental Health Project, Miami-Dade County Judge Steven Leifman, Florida Supreme Court Task Force on Mental Health
  • Dr. Maria Fields, Clinical Director at Dade Family Counseling
  • Guerda Jean, Criminal Mental Health Project
  • Emanuel Tafari, Vegan Food Vendor


  • Editor: Jen Chien
  • Audio Engineer: Luis Gil
  • Associate Producer: Oluwakemi Aladesuyi
  • Marketing Specialist: Kate Krosschell
  • 70 Million Creator and Executive Producer: Juleyka Lantigua-Williams
  • 70 Million Host: Mitzi Miller
  • Miami-based Reporters: Nadege Green and Danny Rivero

Making Contact Staff:

  • Host: Monica Lopez
  • Producers: Anita Johnson,Monica Lopez, Salima Hamirani
  • Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
  • Audience Engagement Director/Web Editor: Sabine Blaizin 


  • “Ervira”, Blue Dot Sessions  (open)
  • “Symphony No. 2 in F Minor”, Percival Pembroke (open)
  • “Underwater”, Meydan (credits)

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