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Lessons From Defund the Police

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It’s been a year since the call to “Defund the Police” rang out through the George Floyd Protests. The idea isn’t new – redistributing police funds into community projects that better support healthy communities -but, it’s never been as popular and forceful. Cities across the country have pledged to invest in mental health services, restorative justice programs, and housing. And they’ve promised to cut police budgets in order to do so. Have these efforts worked? We visit a non-police response project, take a look at some of the gains organizers have made over the past year and, we talk about the challenges.

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  • Kaiya Carter, Organizer with Mental Health First
  • Olivia Park, Organizer with Mental Health First
  • Lex Steppling, Director of Campaigns and Policy, Dignity and Power Now
  • Hiram Rivera, Executive Director at Community Resource Hub for Safety & Accountability
  • Cat Brooks, Co-Founder Anti Police-Terror Project


  • Host/Producer:Salima Hamirani

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  • Staff Producers: Monica Lopez, Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani
  • Executive Director: Sonya Green

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