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70 Million – Forget Reform, They Want Abolition

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This week on Making Contact we’re taking you to St. Louis, Missouri with the Podcast 70 Million to learn about the city’s ongoing efforts to re-imagine public safety beyond incarceration. Organizers in St. Louis have given up on trying to simply reform the criminal legal system. Now, they’re working to abolish it. And they’re starting with the closure of the “Medium Security Institution” known as the “Workhouse.” For more than a century, this St. Louis jail has been known for incarcerating people unable to pay their bail, and has come to represent the criminalization of the poor.

Image Credit: Joe Martinez

Image Caption: Mike Milton at the Freedom Community Center in St. Louis, MO.

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Inez Bordeaux – an organizer with the campaign to Close the Workhouse.

Tishuara Jones – St. Louis’s first Black woman mayor

Cori Bush – U.S. congresswoman

Kayla Reed – co-founded and now leads Action St. Louis,

Mike Milton – The founder of The Freedom Community Center (FCC)



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