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The Juvenile Injustice System


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CYA Protest. Source: Books Not Bars.

CYA Protest. Source: Books Not Bars.

There’s old saying that goes: “Children are the Future.” If that’s true, then a startling portion of our future is locked up in prisons. In the United States and around the world, a growing number of groups are fighting to redirect public resources away from punishment and toward opportunity for young people.

On this edition, we’ll hear about the scandal-ridden California Youth Authority, abuses inside one of Brazil’s juvenile detention centers, as well as alternative approaches to helping troubled kids.

This week’s host: Justin Beck. Contributing producers: Tim Kingston, Alex Goldmark.

A free listener packet on youth and prisons is available – please call 1-800-529-5736.


Connie Brewer, mother of Dyron Brewer, who died in the custody of California Youth Authority; Sarah Ludaman, California Youth Authority spokeswoman; Belinda Griswold, Books Not Bars; Barbara Jackson, grandmother of a California Youth Authority prisoner; Marcelo, prisoner at the Padre Severino Youth Detention Center; Dona Rafaela, mother of prisoner at the Padre Severino Youth Detention Center; Dr. Simone Moreira de Souza, public defender; Fernando Campos Soares, former prison guard in Rio De Janiero; Arnaldo, former prisoner.

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