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Concrete Coffins: The Juvenile Death Penalty


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The United States stands alone as the sole nation on the planet that does not prohibit the execution of juvenile offenders. There are about 80 persons on death row for capital crimes they committed while under 18 years of age. The most recent execution of a juvenile offender was in April 2003 in Oklahoma.

On this edition of Making Contact, the National Radio Project’s Prison Desk takes a look at the juvenile death penalty in the United States. We profile two cases. We also look at the movement and issues behind abolishing the death penalty for juvenile offenders.


Victor Streib, Professor of Law; Margaret O’Donnell, Kevin Stanford’s lawyer; Eileen Cano Stanford, Kevin Stanford’s wife; Winnie Rafael-Gallegos, Chris Solomon’s mother; Scott Langley, Amnesty International Volunteer Coordinator for “Save Chris Solomon;” Adam Ortiz, Co-coordinator, Juvenile Death Penalty Initiative.

For more information:

Ohio Northwestern University –Ada, OH

Dept. of Public Advocacy
Frankfurt, KT

Amnesty International Volunteer Coordinator for “Save Chris Solomon” campaign

Author: Radio Project

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