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Breaking the Cycle: Juvenile Crime and Positive Solutions


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Young people take a lot of heat when they commit crimes, particularly low-income African-American and Latino males. Conservative pundits and politicians say that having young defendants stand trial as adults and giving them stiff sentences if convicted will make the streets safer and deter juvenile crime. But, other approaches are having success, raising fundamental questions about youth crime and violence: What role does society play in both creating juvenile offenders and rehabilitating them?

On this edition of Making Contact, we report on community responses to youth crime in the California city of Oakland, which has one of the highest per capita homicide rates in the country; many victims are young African-American men. We also hear about YouthBuild USA, a network of community organizations that empower juvenile offenders by teaching them how to rebuild their neighborhoods.


Antoine Bennett, graduate of YouthBuild USA; Dorothy Stoneman, YouthBuild USA; Jason Ziedenberg, Justice Policy Institute; Donald Lacy, LoveLife Foundation; Gaylon Logan, Infusion One.

For more iInformation:

Justice Policy Institute –San Francisco, CA

LoveLife Foundation –Oakland, CA

Infusion One

Dorothy Stoneman, YouthBuild USA –Summerville, MA

Author: Radio Project

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