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Beyond Bars: Community Resistance to Prison Expansion (encore edition)


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Dr. Ruth Gilmore.  Source: Bates College

Dr. Ruth Gilmore. Source: Bates College

In the United States, more than 2 million people live behind prison bars. In the state of California alone there are more people locked up than in prisons in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Singapore combined. Dr. Ruth Gilmore is a professor of geography at the University of Southern California, and is a key figure in the grassroots movement fighting prison expansion in California.

On this edition, Dr. Gilmore extracts lessons from more than two decades of on-the-ground community organizing against what has been termed the “biggest prison building project in the history of the world.” We also hear from members of Californians United for A Responsible Budget, C.U.R.B. who are fighting prison expansion in California.


Dr. Ruth Gilmore, Critical Resistance co-founder and USC geography professor; Khalid An-Nur, formerly imprisoned person; Vanessa Huang, Justice Now!; Miss Major, Trans in Prison Committee; Zachary Norris, Books Not Bars.

Senior Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Associate Producer: Puck Lo
Interns: Samson Reiny and Joaquin Palomino

For more information:

Ruth Gilmore – Los Angeles, CA

Californians United for A Responsible Budget (CURB) – Oakland, CA

Justice Now – Oakland, CA

Critical Resistance – Oakland, CA

INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence – Redmond, WA

Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP) – San Francisco, CA

Author: Radio Project

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