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This week, we explore an often-overlooked issue in the Arab world; racism towards Black Arabs. In this episode, Kerning Culture reporter Ahmed Twaij looks at racism in his own community, taking us from his Iraqi roots, through to modern day slurs still commonly used in many Arab communities around the world.

This story originally aired on Kerning Cultures, a podcast telling stories from across the Middle East and North Africa and the spaces in between.

Special thanks to Noon Salih and Sara Elhassan. Kerning Cultures is a Kerning Cultures Network production.

Image Credit: Kerning Cultures

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  • Ahmed Moneka
  • Marwa Jaber
  • Dr. Maytha Al-Hassan
  • Qazwini
  • Malcolm X
  • Mahmoud Abumayyaleh


Kerning Cultures Staff

  • Producer: Ahmed Twaij
  • Editorial Support: Dana Ballout, Nadeen Shaker, Zeina Dowidar and Alex Atack
  • Fact Checking: Shraddha Joshi
  • Sound Design: Alex Atack
  • Mixing: Mohamad Khreizat
  • Marketing Director: Bella Ibrahim

The Making Contact Team

  • Hosts: Ahmed Twaij and Anita Johnson
  • Reporter: Ahmed Twaij
  • Interim Senior Producer: Jessica Partnow
  • Executive Director: Jina Chung
  • Staff Producers: Anita Johnson, Amy Gastelum, Salima Hamirani, Lucy Kang


Music Credits:

  • Ahmed Moneka
  • Blue Dot Sessions

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