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Operation Boulder from Kerning Cultures

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Since 9/11, US governmental agencies have poured millions of dollars into spying on Arabs, Muslims and Arab Americans. Their surveillance has changed countless lives as ordinary citizens all over the country were interrogated, arrested or had their homes raided. But this didn’t start in 2001. Invasive – and even illegal – surveillance programs against Arabs and Arab Americans have a long history in the US, going all the way back to the 1970s, with a program code-named Operation Boulder. But it wasn’t until a lawyer named Abdeen Jabara took his own government to court that the true size and scale of the program was revealed.

This story originally aired on Kerning Cultures, a podcast telling stories from across the Middle East and North Africa and the spaces in between.

Image Credit: Kerning Cultures

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  • Abdeen Jabara, Lawyer, a Plaintiff in a case against the US government agencies because of Operation Boulder
  • Anan Ameri, former Journalist and Wife of Abdeen Jabara during his time under surveillance
  • John Shattuck, a former Lawyer with the ACLU and represented Abdeen Jabara in the 70s
  • Nicole Nguyen, Associate Professor, University of Illinois Chicago, studies the relationship between national security, war, and education
  • Amaney A Jamal, Dean of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs


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  • Editors: Dana Ballout and Alex Atack.
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  • Additional Support: Nadeen Shaker and Zeina Dowidar

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  • Interim Executive Director: Jessica Partnow
  • Staff Producers: Anita Johnson, Salima Hamirani


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