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Women Rising. Migrations: Standing in Solidarity With the Desperate

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Migrations: Standing in Solidarity With the Desperate:

The USA and many nations in Europe, have slammed the gates shut against desperate immigrants and refugees, criminalizing and brutalizing them.  Three activist women co-founded groups to challenge the policies of detention, deportation, discrimination and denigration of migrants. They are organizing to transform the current immigration policy of the USA, and to uphold immigrants’ human rights internationally.  Dr. Satsuki Ina co-founded Tsuru for Solidarity; Serena Adlerstein co-created Never Again Action; and Devi Machete co-created the Hecate Society, helping migrants stuck at the Mexican border with the US.

Photo by Brooke Anderson

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  • Dr. Satsuki Ina, co-founder of Tsuru for Solidarity
  • Serena Adlerstein, co-creator of Never Again Action
  • Devi Machete, organizer with the Hecate Society


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