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Women Rising #24—Activist Women of Greenpeace



We profile women of Greenpeace, the legendary eco-activist organization. Hettie Geenan is first mate on the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior. Leila Deen leads the campaign against fracking. And Laila Williams connects Greenpeace with indigenous communities, women’s groups and people of color.  Happy International Women’s Day March 8th!


  • Leila Deen, Greepeace Senior Campaigner
  • Hettie Geenen, First Mate on the Rainbow Warrior
  • Laila Wiiams, Ruckus Society program associate


Host: Sandina Robbins

Contributing Producer: Lynn Feinerman

Sound Editor:  Shora Zamani

Field Sound Recordist on Rainbow Warrior: Laura Flynn

Making Contact  Producers: George Lavender,  Andrew Stelzer



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