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Listen to Making Contact as a Podcast

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Making Contact is accessible wherever and whenever you want to listen as a podcast!

Why listen as a podcast?

The perk of podcasting is that you can stream our episodes with Wifi or download them on your phone, iPad, or laptop for listening later on! 

Where to listen?

Our episodes are now available to stream and download on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and more!

How do I listen?

If you’re new to podcasting – we’re here to help! But don’t worry – we’re still available online and as a radio program!

How to Find Making Contact as a Podcast

Listen on a Computer

  • You can listen to Making Contact on your computer, by streaming episodes from our website here
  • You can also browse and download our episodes from our Soundcloud page here
    • Click the three dots beneath an episode to find the download option.

On The Go: Listen on an iPhone or iPad

  • Apple Devices have a pre-downloaded Apple Podcast App
  • Find the Apple Podcast App. The icon looks like this:

  • Click the “Search” magnifying button in the bottom navigation. Type “Making Contact’ into the search bar that appears at the top of the page.
  • Look for our logo in your search results. Don’t be confused by other listings!


  • Select the show to arrive at our homepage. Here you can scroll through a list of recent episodes. Each episode can be streamed for immediate listening or downloaded for future listening.
  • Be sure to click “Subscribe” on the show homepage so that Making Contact will automatically download to your podcast “Library” each week! You can find the “Library” on your bottom navigation.

  • Even if you have an Apple Device – you can choose to listen to Making Contact on other apps – such as Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify. Download these apps, search for Making Contact, find our logo, and subscribe! 



On The Go: Listen on any Android Phone

  • If you have an Android – you can download a number of free apps to stream Making Contact.
  • Install the  “Google Podcasts” “Stitcher” or “Spotify” app.

  • Use the search tool to find Making Contact.
  • Look for our logo and tap to see our homepage.



  • Scroll our recent episodes. Tap to play or download.
  • Subscribe to see our new episodes in your feed each week.
    • If you subscribe on Google Podcasts, Making Contact will appear at the top of the Google Podcast App. 
    • If you subscribe on Stitcher, find Making Contact each week by selecting the “My Podcasts” feed in your bottom navigation, and then browsing your “Favorites.”
    • If you subscribe on Spotify, find Making Contact each week by selecting “Your Library” at the bottom navigation, then selecting “Podcasts” at the top of the page, and looking at your Episodes and Shows.

Author: Radio Project

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