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A Journalist Reckons with Truth and Objectivity

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Lewis Wallace

Lewis Wallace was a reporter at Marketplace. You may have heard his voice on the Marketplace Morning Report with David Brancaccio.

That was until he publicly questioned the role of objectivity in a Medium post. “We need to let go of idea that objectivity is dying. A more useful framework is that objectivity is a mythology that we’re urgently debunking to figure out what can stand in its place. That doesn’t lessen our pursuit of truth – it just reveals the complexity that was always there, which is that subjectivity informs that pursuit.” This line of questioning ultimately got him fired from Marketplace. Dive into one journalist’s reckoning with truth.

Photo by: Katherine Webb-Hehn, Scalawag

Reckonings is produced and hosted by Stephanie Lepp.

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  • Lewis Wallace, Journalist


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