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Michael Eric Dyson on Trump Truth and Race

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Michael Eric Dyson

America’s unwillingness to assess the ugly truth about systemic inequality has created a perpetual sinkhole of denial. A reality that existed long before Trump’s presidency. It’s AMERICA’s Legacy.

On this edition, we hear from Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, one of the nation’s most prominent public intellectuals, a frequent contributor to the New York Times, and an editor of The New Republic. Dr. Dyson recently penned, “What Truth Sounds Like: RFK, James Baldwin, and Our Unfinished Conversation About Race in America.” Today’s conversation with Professor Dyson explores race and truth in the age of Trump.

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  • Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown University Sociology Professor, a New York Times Contributing Opinion Writer, Contributing Editor of The New Republic and of ESPN’s The Undefeated website


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