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In the Shadow of the Volcano: Guatemala’s Unequal Disaster

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Fuego Volcano-Guatemala

The Central American region and especially, the country of Guatemala, is vulnerable to numerous natural disasters – earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, droughts and … volcanoes.

Thousands of Guatemalans are still recovering from the effects of the eruption of a volcano called Fuego – Spanish for “fire” – which took place in the summer of 2018. In this report, Maria Martin, our special correspondent living in Guatemala,  looks back at the disaster.  Some people are calling it the worst natural disaster to strike Guatemala in decades. Maria talks to her neighbors and she takes stock of what’s happened since.  It’s one more catastrophe in which the poor and the vulnerable were hit the hardest, and they are demanding investigations of government corruption and neglect.

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  • Mildred Morales, Former Resident of La Lajas, a community affected by the eruption
  • Consuelo Hernandez, Former Resident of Los Lotes, a community affected by the eruption
  • Maximina, Former Resident of Porvenir, a community affected by the eruption
  • Alberto Cardona, Journalist with Guatevision TV
  • Sofia Letona, Co-Founder of Antigua al Rescate/Antigua to the Rescue
  • Amy Farrow, Volunteer with Antigua al Rescate/Antigua to the Rescue
  • David de Leon, Spokesperson for Guatemalan Disaster Agency CONRED
  • Aufermia Garcia, Former Resident of Los Lotes, lost 50 family members to the eruption

VOICE OVERS:  thanks to Charley Fierro, Josette King, Diane Livia and Mohamed Shehk


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  • Host: Salima Hamirani
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  • Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
  • Audience Engagement Director/Web Editor: Sabine Blaizin
  • Outreach and Distribution Assistant: Dylan Heuer 


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