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After Disaster: Picking up the pieces in an age of climate change

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Among the effects of climate change are more extreme weather events, such as Typhoon Haiyan, Superstorm Sandy, and a severe drought stretching across much of the Western United States. On this edition of Making Contact we’ll take a deeper look at the social and psychological impacts of climate change, and the weight of inaction.


  • Niki Stanley and Derice Klass, Far Rockaway residents
  • Zardos V. Abela, firefighter for the Bureau of Fire Protection in Tacloban, Philippines
  • Abigail Gewirtz,  psychologist at the University of Minnesota
  • Stephan Wasik, Valley Fire survivor
  • Jeff Keenan, Valley Fire survivor
  • Erica Petersen, Valley Fire survivor
  • Manuel Orozco, Behavioral Health Fiscal Manager, Lake County Behavioral Health.


  • Host: Laura Flyn
  • Contributing Producer: Aurora Almendral
  • Thanks: Cloud Mountain Foundation and Park Foundation for support of this program

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