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Climate Change Gridlock: Where Do We Go From Here? (Part 2)


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La Via Campesina's caravan holds a candle ceremony just outside of Chichenitze to celebrate arrival at the 2010 climate conference. Photo by Allan Lissner.

Global warming is no longer a fear for the future, it’s threatening human civilization now. But a good portion of humanity doesn’t seem that concerned. On this edition, part 2 of a special 2 part series, Brian Edwards-Tiekert takes us through the climate change that is happening, the political response that isn’t, and the people trying to break the gridlock.

This series was made possible by a grant from The Lia Fund, with additional support from The Cultural Conservancy.


Joe Romm, editor; Anthony Leiserowitz, Yale University school of forestry and environmental studies climate change communication program director; Rob Willer , University of California at Berkeley Sociologist; Barack Obama, President of the United States; Florencio Quintero, Guayabal, Panama community leader; Christina Bonita, Ruben Mirana; Guayabal residents; Henry Derwent, International Emissions Trading Association CEO; David Hawkins Natural Resources Defense Council director of climate programs; Oswaldo Jordan Alliance for Conservation and Development Director; Pedro Albrego, Ngobe Center for Development and Technical Assistance worker; Michael Dorsey. Dartmouth College Climate Justice Research project director; Evo Morales, President of Bolivia; Angelica Navarro, lead Bolivian climate negotiator

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