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Straddling Borders

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Existing in two worlds can complicate your identity and complete it–whether it’s understanding your medicine man grandfather, to deepening the concept of love through a different tongue, these storytellers takes us around the world from Colombia to Papua New Guinea, seeking definition and connections with presumably different cultures.


  • Francis Rojas
  • Jeremiah Barber
  • William Guillermo Ortiz, Curandero / Medicine Man
  • Florentina Mocanu-Schendel, Doctor of Theater and Performance Studies, Stanford University
  • Warama Kurupel, Limol Village Leader
  • Grace Maher
  • Robai Reend
  • Donai Kurupel
  • Pingam Uziag
  • Jenny Dobola
  • Loni Garaiyi
  • Sandra Dikai
  • Merol Kwe
  • Manaleato Kolea

  • Producers: R.J. Lozada, Marie Choi, Monica Lopez
  • Host: R.J. Lozada
  • Contributing Producers: Ingrid Rojas Contreras, Kate Lindsey
  • Music: Jahzzar, DiaryWagiba Geser, Walking Song
  • Cover image: Kate Lindsey, sits with villagers at Limol, Paupa New Guinea. Photo provided by Kate Lindsey.
  • Special thanks: This show features a segment from our Community Storytelling Fellowships. Thank You to our generous sponsors and individual donors. Thank you to Hindenberg, for donating use of their editing software.

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