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Scorched Earth: The Legacy of Agent Orange


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imageThe official Day to Commemorate Agent Orange victims is August 10th and marks the start of the US military’s decade of massive chemical warfare in Vietnam in 1961.

Combat, chemicals, and corporations.  We’ll look at the legacy of Agent Orange,  a toxic defoliant.

Ngo Thanh Nhan
, co-coordinator Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign; Fred Wilcox scholar and author: Waiting for An Army To Die and Scorched Earth; Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange featured in the KQED segments

Contributing Producers:

K. Oanh Ha  “The Forgotten Ones: A Legacy of Agent Orange,” is a three-part series by reporter Oanh Ha aired on KQED’s The California Report in November 2010, and is used here with KQED Public Radio’s permission.

Oanh Ha produced her series as a fellow of the Vietnam Reporting Project, which was developed by Renaissance Journalism at San Francisco State University and funded by the Ford Foundation.

Tish Pearlman and Nate Richardson of the Out of Bounds Radio

For More Information:
Fred A. Wilcox
Vietnam Reporting Project
Out of Bounds Radio Show Fred Wilcox interview December 2011

The Tale of An Phuc House, a powerful documentary about Vietnamese Agent Orange victims, Awarded  Best Feature Documentary at the New York City International Film Festival June 2013

Scorched Earth: Legacies of Chemical Warfare in Vietnam (Seven Stories Press)
Waiting for an Army to Die: The Tragedy of Agent Orange

Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign

Agent Orange Record

Read New York Times, Letters, August 15, 2012, “Remedying the Effects of Agent Orange

The Freedom Archives rare archived audio and video clips from the Vietnam War

The plaintiffs of a class-action lawsuit argued that Monsanto had polluted their community by burning waste from the production of Agent Orange.

ABC News
Looking Back: The End of the Vietnam War


Congresswoman Barbara Lee Introduces Victims of Agent Orange Relief Act
Veterans for Peace


Vietnam Reporting Project



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