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Collateral Damage? The Toxic Legacy of War


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International humanitarian rules of warfare were written to protect civilians and other non-combatants from the dangers of battle. But throughout history, innocent civilians and the environment are often victims during war time. On this program we take a look at the toxic legacy of war and some impacts of war on the environment and human health.


W.G., Vietnam veteran; Dr. Christopher Portier, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences; Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk, Hatfield Consultants; Mike Zmolick, National Coalition to End the War in Iraq; Dr. Chris Busby, European Committee on Radiation Risk; Marian Kupka, representative of a German NGO working to abolish nuclear weapons; Maurice Campbell, Communities First Coalition; Lynne Browne, Communities for a Better Environment; Claire Trombadore, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Theresa Coleman, Bay View/Hunter’s Point resident; Trisha Pritkin, Richland, Washington resident .

Author: Radio Project

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