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Hiroshima and its Legacy Today


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n August 1945, in an action that has provoked controversy ever since, the US dropped the first atomic bombs on Japan. On this special edition of Making Contact, producer Reese Erlich looks at how the Hiroshima bombing set the moral and political tone for future aggression. We’ll hear from both Japanese and American atomic bomb survivors, and from today’s anti-nuke activists.


Lincoln Grahfls, U.S. Navy veteran; John Dower, history professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Masahito Hirose, retired Nagasaki schoolteacher; Sakue Shimohira, Nagasaki bombing survivor; Akira Tashiro, reporter, Chugoku Shimbun; Akio Shirakita, Nagasaki bombing survivor; Aron Tovish, campaign manager, Mayors Campaign for Peace in Hiroshima; David Krieger, president, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

This program was also produced for PEACETALKS, exploring alternatives to violence through compelling, in-depth radio storytelling. Online at

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