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Whose Newsroom is This? The US Media and Race


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Rinku Sen at Pop!Tech 2009 in Camden, ME

Racism in the American media goes back even further than the founding of the US. Now, media consolidation and shrinking news budgets are threatening to make things even worse.

On this edition, a discussion on Race and the American Media, from the 2011 National Conference on Media Reform, featuring Democracy Now’s Juan Gonzalez, Rinku Sen from the Applied Research Center, and the first woman of color to anchor a major network news show, Carole Simpson.

Special thanks to Free Press.


Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now co-host and NY Daily News writer; Rinku Sen, Applied Research Center president and executive director & Colorlines Magazine publisher; Carole Simpson, first woman of color to anchor a major network news show & Emerson College Department of Journalism Leader-in-Residence


Full length panel discussion on Race and the American Media from the 2011 National Conference on Media Reform, featuring Carole Simpson, Juan Gonzalez, Loris Ann Taylor, Rinku Sen & moderated by Joseph Torres


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