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Globalizing Media Reform


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Naomi Klein. Source: Matt Fitt

Naomi Klein. Source: Matt Fitt

Whether talking about global warming or racial inequality, activists say media reform is part of the solution to the world’s problems. In response to increased concentration of media ownership in recent years, the reform movement is coming up with new ways of fighting for a free and just media system.

On this edition, we’ll hear from activists and journalists speaking at this year’s National Conference on Media Reform in St. Louis, Missouri.


Janine Jackson, Journalist; Naomi Klein, Journalist and Author; Makani Themba-Nixon, Praxis Project; Myoungjoon Kim, MediACT.

This week’s Host: Pauline Bartolone.

For more information:

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting – New York, New York

Naomi Klein, Journalist and Author of “No Logo” – Toronto, Canada

The Praxis Project – Washington, DC

MediACT – Seoul, South Korea

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