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Facing Race in the Tea Party Era


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Tea Party ProtesterThe growing Tea Party movement and the recent midterm elections have progressive activists taking stock of what happened and how to move forward.

On this edition,  we take you to the Facing Race 2010 conference in Chicago, for an in-depth discussion by prominent racial and social justice organizers who discuss this political moment and what the fight for racial justice looks like today.




Tim Wise, anti-racist writer and author; Van Jones, Center for American Progress senior fellow; Rinku Sen, Applied Research Center Executive Director; Maria Teresa Kumar, Voto Latino Executive Director; Cathy Cohen, University of Chicago professor of political science.


Full length discussion at Facing Race 2010 with Tim Wise, an anti-racist writer and author; Van Jones – senior fellow with the Center for American Progress; Rinku Sen, executive director of the Applied Research Center; and Maria Teresa Kumar, executive director of Voto Latino, spoke at the facing Race 2010 conference about the politics of race. The panel is moderated by Cathy Cohen, professor of political science at the University of Chicago.



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