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When Food is Trucked into a Breadbasket


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4509showFood insecurity isn’t just a problem for city folk. Even in farm country, where food is mass -produced, there are problems finding healthy food that’s affordable. Take Fresno County, California. This rural region in the arid Central Valley is the most agriculturally productive county in the US. Yet, many households have trouble putting food on their tables. And lately, a mix of drought conditions, water rationing and the recession has made hunger in the valley, worse. The state of California declared a state of emergency in Fresno County, and from July to October, was trucking in tons of food to the hungry and unemployed.

Making Contact’s Pauline Bartolone has this report about food insecurity in Fresno. Sandina Robbins narrates her story.

This segment was part of our 30-minute Making Contact program How We Survive: Sprouting Up in Empty Breadbaskets. To listen to the whole  program and learn more about groups featured in the show, click here.

Author: Radio Project

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