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Redefining Human Rights:
The Case for Food, Health Care & Housing


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human rights roundtable

Roundtable guests Max Rameau, Annie Flores and Shereen D'Souza in the "Making Contact" studios. Photo: Khanh Pham

When we hear about human rights violations in the news, it’s often about genocide, war, and politically induced famine.  But what about the basic human needs that we, here in the US, not in a developing nation, need in order to go about our daily lives? On this edition, a round table discussion about the right to healthy food, the right to housing, and the right to healthcare.  Do Americans have these, and if not, what’s standing in the way?


Annie Flores, Womens Economic Agenda Project; Max Rameau, Take Back the Land Founder; Shereen D’Souza, California Food and Justice Coalition Director.

For more information:

California Food and Justice Coalition
Berkeley, CA

Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign
Cleveland, OH

Take Back the Land
Miami, FL

Women’s Economic Agenda Project (WEAP)
Oakland, CA

Author: Radio Project

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