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The Struggle for Food


Food. For some it’s as simple as going to a supermarket. But there are issues today that have a direct impact on the way we eat. Both the local landscape and the global economy hold sway over food availability.

On this week’s edition we hear from people delivering fresh organic food to under-served neighborhoods, and from farmers striking a balance between sustainability and survival. We’ll also hear from a biologist who became involved in a political struggle after discovering genetically contaminated corn in Mexico.


Brahm Ahmadi, co-director, People’s Grocery; Rhonda Jenkins, People’s Grocery customer; Nikia Dillard, employee of People’s Grocery; Leroy Muskgraves, farmer; Christine Anh, economic and social human rights coordinator, Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First); Ignacio Chapela, assistant professor, Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy & Management, University of California, Berkeley; Kristie Knoll, farmer; Anuradha Mittal, organizer, Food First; Renata Brillinger, director, Californians for GE-Free Agriculture; Maria Lydia Orianda, president, Federal Copales; Pedro Saragosa Martinez, Desarrollo Social para los Mexicanos Indígenas (DESMI); Albert and Jean Straus, farmers; Helena Norburg Hodge, founder, International Society for Ecology and Culture (ISEC).

For more information:

People’s Grocery – Oakland, CA

Institute for Food and Development Policy – Oakland, CA

Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management – Berkeley, CA

Renata Brillinger

Federal Copales – San Francisco, CA

DESMI, A.C. – Chiapas, Mexico

International Development Exchange – San Francisco, CA

Straus Family Creamery – Marshall, CA

International Society for Ecology and Culture – Berkeley, CA

Author: Sabine Blaizin

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