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Women in Farming


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Though women farmers in the United States make up a large percent of food producers, growing vegetables and raising sheep and goats just as men do, they’re often not counted. The U.S. Department of Agriculture only counts deed-holders, and since men hold the majority of deeds in this country, the women who operate farms alongside them are overlooked. However, as more women take up farming on their own or inherit farms from their families, they are gaining visibility in the profession.

On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at the rising trend of women farmers and the experiences of immigrant women farmers in the United States. We’ll also hear about the impact of U.S. trade agreements on women farmers in Mexico.


Denise O’Brian, Women, Food, and Agriculture Network; Sonnia Lopez, Green Market/New Farmer Development Project; Gail Lennon, farmer and farm advocate; Patricia Allen, Sustainable Food Systems, University of California, Santa Cruz; Valeria Vidals Martinez, Associacion Mexicana de Mujeres Organizadas en Red, A.C. AMMOR; Mercedes Olivera, COLEM y Feminario, Alice Mullet, farmer; Joy Phillipi, farmer; Norma Hall, Women in Farm Economics (WIFE); Deb Rood, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

For more information:

Green Market/New Farmer Development Project

Sustainable Food Systems –Santa Cruz, CA

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Author: Radio Project

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