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Growing Doubts: Corporate Control of Agriculture


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As some of the largest corporations in the world dominate the agriculture industry, small farmers are at risk of losing their land and livelihoods. Other forces are at play, as well, including policies set forth by international financial institutions and, as is the case with Black farmers in the United States, racism. On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at the plight of family farmers.


Michael Ableman, author of “From the Good Earth, a Celebration of Growing Food Around the World” and founder of Fairview Gardens; Peter Rosset, Institute for Food and Development Policy; (Food First); Gary Grant, National Black Farmers and Agriculturists Association; Kenny Ausubel, Bioneer’s Conference founder and co-founder of Seeds for Change, Inc.;Maria Elena, organizer for CECOCAFEN (Central de Cooperativas Cafetaleras del Norte; Zoyla Jose, member of the Indigenous Communities Coalition; Eloy Sanchez, a representative for a small agricultural organization in Panama; Norman Davis, a farmer from Nicaragua.

For more information:

Fairview Gardens – Goleta, California

Bioneers – Santa Fe, NM


Black Farmers and Agriculturists Association – Tillery, NC

Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First) Р Oakland, California

Author: Radio Project

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