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ElectionWatch ’04 The Texas Two-Step: Bush, Corporate Cash, and Environmental Rollbacks


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The oil, gas, mining, and electric utilities industries chipped in about $50 million dollars in campaign contributions to help George W. Bush get into the White House during the 2000 election. Since Inauguration Day 2001, there have been major rollbacks to bedrock environmental protection laws including the Clean Air and the Clean Water Acts. What’s more, President Bush has filled key regulatory posts with former executives, lobbyists and lawyers from so-called polluting industries.

On this edition of Making Contact – the second of our monthly ElectionWatch ’04 series- we take a look at how the oil, gas, mining and electric utilities industries have influenced the Bush Administration’s environmental policies and what the effects have been on our tax dollars and communities located near industrial facilities. We also look at campaign finance reform and how limitations on soft money contributions may affect the 2004 presidential race.


Rueben Solis, Southwest Workers Union; Hilton Kelley, Community In-Power and Development Association; Joan Mulhern, EarthJustice; Steve Weiss, Center for Responsive Politics; Mark Pfiefle, U.S. Department of the Interior.

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Southwest Workers Union

Community In-Power and Development Association


Center for Responsive Politics

U.S. Department of the Interior –Washington, DC

Author: Radio Project

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