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Trashed: Waste Management and Environmental Impact


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When it comes to trash, the rule of thumb for many of us is: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Concerns about waste management rarely project beyond getting the trash can and recycling bins to the curb the evening before trash day.

On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look behind the scenes of common practices in the garbage industry. We also sift through some positive developments in Canada where municipalities are reducing the amount of landfill disposals by heading closer and closer toward zero-waste.


Neil Tangri, field director for Essential Action; Tom Farrell, solid waste and recycling manager for the city of Berkeley, California; Dave Grede, environmental health and safety compliance manager for the Vasco landfill in Livermore, California; Dave Williamson, operations manager for the Ecology Center; Wayne Arndt, superintendent of the Wet-Dry Recycling Program in Guelph, Ontario; Gina Jignac, national representative for the Canadian Union of Public Employees; Gordon Perks, spokesperson for the Toronto Environmental Alliance.

For more information:

GAIA Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives – Berkeley, CA

Ecology Center –¬†Berkeley, CA

Wet-Dry Recycling – Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Author: Radio Project

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