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From Cradle to Grave: The Impact of Electronics


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The electronics industry has brought us gadgets galore, from mobile phones that take pictures to the computer we use to edit this radio show. But there’s also a dark secret: the electronics industry is one of the world’s dirtiest; its growing legacy includes poisoned workers and mountains of toxic waste. On this week’s edition we take a closer look at what our gadgets are doing to our environment.


Ted Smith, executive director, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition; Romi Manna, former production technician, National Semiconductor; Joe LaDou, director, International Center for Occupational Medicine, UC San Francisco; Ninotchka Rosca, director of communications and development, Santa Clara Center for Occupational Safety and Health; John Greenagle, spokesman, Semiconductor Industry Association; Lourdes Lujan, solderer, Sanyo battery plant; Jaime Corta, CITTAC; Magdalena Cerda, organizer, Environmental Health Coalition; Sarah Westervelt, toxics research analyst, Basel Action Network; Tom Hogye, general manager, United Datatech

For more information:

Border Environmental Justice Campaign Organizer – San Diego, CA

Centro De Informacion Para Trabajadoras Y Trabajadores Accion Civil – Tijuana, Baja California

United Datatech – Santa Clara, CA

International Center for Occupational Medicine – San Francisco, CA

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition – San Jose, CA

The Basel Action Network c/o Asia-Pacific Environmental Exchange – Seattle, WA

Santa Clara Center for Occupational Safety and Health – San Jose, CA

Author: Radio Project

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