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Battle for Bolivia


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Residents of the poor neighborhood called plan 3000, have formed a citizens militia to protect themselves from attacks by opponents of President Evo Morales. Source: Indymedia Bolivia

Residents of the poor neighborhood called "plan 3000", have formed a citizens militia to protect themselves from attacks by opponents of President Evo Morales. Source: Indymedia Bolivia

The South American country of Bolivia is in turmoil. President Evo Morales remains extremely popular, having nationalized foreign corporations and distributed the revenue to the poor. He won 67% of the vote in an August referendum. Morales is now pushing to pass a new constitution that will weaken the power of the country’s traditional economic elite. But the conservative, pro-business opposition forces have blown up gas pipelines and murdered pro-government peasants, trying to provoke a civil war. How will the struggle turn out? Stay tuned for this special report, written and produced by Reese Erlich.


Evo Morales, President of Bolivia; Carlos Delius, Bolivia’s Oil and Natural Gas Business Association vice president; Thomas Kuljis, supermarket chain owner; Jerjes Justiniano, Rector at the Ecological University and former Socialist Party Deputy; Victoria Aracelia and Victor Velasquez, street vendors; Juan Mora, Santa Cruz store owner; Eduardo Paz, Santa Cruz Chamber of Industry, Services, and Tourism president; Ruben Costas, Santa Cruz Governor; Olga Rojas, Santa Cruz resident; Javier Mansilla, Oil analyst; Elena Villanueva, “Plan 3000” resident; Isaac Sorito, electric company technician; Dr. Osvaldo Peredo, Santa Cruz City Council member.

Executive Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Contributing Producer: Reese Erlich
Host: Andrew Stelzer
Associate Producer: Puck Lo
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Associate Director: Khanh Pham
Production Coordinator: Elena Botkin-Levy
Intern: Kiesha Thomas


Norwood Orrick
Christina Regalado
Craig Wiesner
Puck Lo
Mike Preston
Elena Botkin-Levy
Andrew Stelzer
Marshall Trammell
Fred Goff
Ron Rucker

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Jerjes Justiniano

Ruben Costas

Evo Morales

Eduardo Paz – Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Dr. Osvaldo Peredo Leigue

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Bolivian National Police Band
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