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Blocking the Highways of Globalization: Tales from Bolivia and Peru


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Throughout the 1980s and 90s, Latin America implemented the globalization policies demanded by the US. But now those policies are coming under fire.

On this special edition of Making Contact, host and independent producer Reese Erlich meets with social activists, government officials and residents of the poorest barrios in Bolivia and Peru. It turns out that globalization, which was supposed to help alleviate poverty, has instead made a lot of people there very angry.


Oscar Huanca, President of one district in El Alto; Alejandra Arteaga, resident of Alta Lima; Mario Laruta, resident of Alta Lima; Pablo Solon, Solon Foundation; Francesco Zaratti, top adviser to President Carlos Mesa; Rita del Solar, caterer and resident of La Paz; Vilma Meijia, vendor, El Alto market; Alvaro Garcia, sociologist, TV commentator; Pablo Mendoza, vice-president in one of El Altos districts; Juan Chafloque, Community leader in Lima, Peru; Carlos Bruce, Minister of Housing, Peru; Mirko Lauer, Newspaper columnist and TV talk show host.

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Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation – San Isidro, Lima, Peru

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