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Election ’08: Can Politics and Healthcare Mix?


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Health Care Not Welfare!   Source: Santa Cruz Indymedia

Health Care Not Welfare! Source: Santa Cruz Indymedia

After November 4th, Americans will know who their next President will be and which of the two major parties will control the U.S. Congress.

Both Democrats and Republicans have promised to help tens of millions of Americans get health insurance. On this edition, we hear how Democratic activists have been pushing their party to make health care a priority for all. And we’ll hear a first hand account of how regular citizens led a movement and won their battle for universal health care in the San Francisco.


Norman Solomon, Institute for Public Accuracy executive director, and co-founder of National Radio Project; Ken Jacobs, University of California at Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education chair.

Executive Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Producer: Andrew Stelzer
Associate Producer: Puck Lo
Executive Director: Lisa Rudman
Associate Director: Khanh Pham
Production Coordinator: Elena Botkin-Levy
Intern: Kiesha Thomas

For more information:

Ken Jacobs – Berkeley, CA

Healthy San Francisco – San Francisco, CA

Institute for Public Accuracy – San Francisco, CA

Norman Solomon

Progressive Democrats of America – Grand Rapids, MI


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