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American Health Care – On the Road to Nowhere


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On the road to nowhere. Source: Kialyn Taylor Burkett

Americans can’t afford health care. In the last four years, the cost has increased more than 70 percent. Right now, more than 46 million people don’t have health insurance and that number continues to rise. The U.S. is the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee universal health care.

As costs of insurance spiral out of control and the government continues to pour money into Iraq, many people wonder how they are going to survive the health care crisis in this country. Joshua Smith is an uninsured freelance journalist, who traveled across the country to find out what others are saying about the state of health care in the U.S.


Suzanne Gruber, executive director, Holy Rosary Medical Center Foundation;Greg Leatherman, Idaho Quality Insurance; Mary Hernandez, director, Mental Health Foundation; Ron Olmen, CEO, Saint John’s Medical Center; Ron Hill, director of communication, Misericordia Health Center; Michael Haristhal, Hennepin County Medical Center; Megan Meagher, assistant director, Campaign For Better Health Care; Beth Lisberg, Technical Writer; Benjamin Day, executive director, Mass Care; Alan Sager, professor, Boston University School of Public Health.

Senior Producer/Host: Tena Rubio
Freelance Producer: Joshua Emerson Smith
Freelance Associate Producer: Emily Polk
Intern: Alexis McCrimmon

For more information:

Holy Rosary Medical Center – Ontario, OR

Mental Health Foundation – Billings, MT

St. John¹s Medical Center – Jackson, WY

Misericordia Health Center – Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Hennepin County Medical Center – Minneapolis, MN

Campaign For Better Health Care – Chicago, IL

Beginnings – Chicago, IL

Mass-Care – Boston, MA

Boston University School of Public Health – Boston, MA

Author: Radio Project

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