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The Past, Present and Future of Nuclear Weapons


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Hiroshimas Chugoku-Shikoku Public Works Office building aka The Atomic Bomb Dome.  Source: BBC

Hiroshima's Chugoku-Shikoku Public Works Office building aka "The Atomic Bomb Dome." Source: BBC

Although the Cold War ended more than a decade ago, nuclear weapons, and the threat of nuclear war, haven’t gone away. There are still about two thousand warheads on hair-trigger alert just in the United States. At least two new countries have joined the nuclear family since the 1990s, and the Bush administration continues to pursue new types of nuclear weapons while lowering the threshold for using them.

On this edition, we look at the past, present and possible future of nuclear weapons, from the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to the War on Terror. We’ll also hear an update on international efforts toward nuclear disarmament.


Keiko Ogura, survivor of the Hiroshima atomic bombing; Sakue Shimohira and Fumiko Matsuda, survivors of the Nagasaki atomic bombing; Yoshio Suzuki, Japanese WWII veteran; Lincoln Grafhls, U.S. Navy veteran; Mark Gwozdecky, chief spokesperson, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); Rastam Mohamed Isa, Malaysia’s ambassador to the United Nations; Jackie Sanders, Ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament and Special Representative of the President for the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons; Lawrence Scheinman, professor, Monterey Institute of International Studies; Susi Snyder, secretary general, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom; Marty Hart-Landsberg, professor of economics, Lewis and Clark College; Chong Ki Pung, professor, Kim Hyung Jik Teacher’s University; Christine Ahn, director, Peace and International Solidarity Program of the Women of Color Resource Center; Sun Hyung Lee, Korean-American peace activist.

This week’s host: Justin Beck. Contributing producers: Reese Erlich, Leigh Ann Caldwell, and Miae Kim.

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International Atomic Energy Agency (U.N. office) – New York, NY

Monterey Institute of International Studies – Monterey, CA

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – Philadelphia, PA

Lewis and Clark College – Portland, OR

Women of Color Resource Center – Oakland, CA

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