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Land for Those Who Work It


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Brazil has the second most unequal distribution of land in the world. Inside the borders of the South American bread basket are deep-seated social struggles over this most coveted resource. For the past quarter century, the country’s landless have shown they do not accept the ownership model dating back to colonial times. On this edition Associate Producer Pauline Bartolone guides us through the daily lives of those seeking agrarian reform in southern Brazil.


Marcos Tiaraju, landless movement activist; Sergio Gorgen, Franciscan priest and Deputy of the State Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul; Christiane Campos, 33 year old mother and national communications coordinator for Brazil’s landless worker movement; Marinisa Riva, alternative pharmacy employee; Clarisa Cabazin, Bread of the Land bakery employee; Jose Mariano Matias, gardener; Giovanni Portello, MST agroecologist; Hilario Welter, gardener.

For more information:

Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra
(Movement of Rural Landless Workers)

Center for Research on Change in the Mexican Countryside (CECCAM) and Land Research Action Network

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