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Alternative Visions: The World Social Forum 2002


While CEOs and government officials rubbed elbows in New York City at the closed-door World Economic Forum in early 2002, people from around the world traveled to Porto Alegre, Brazil, to attend the World Social Forum. On this program, we hear from farmers, organizers, union members and others about their work in a growing movement to establish alternatives to corporate-led globalization.


Alejandro Bendaña, director of the Center for International Studies in Managua, Nicaragua; John Cavanagh, director of the Institute for Policy Studies; Rivelino, an organizer of Brazil’s Landless Worker’s Movement (MST); Manuel, a state representative for the MST in Rio Grande del Sur; Gilberto, a member of COOPAN, an MST production cooperative; Other voices from the World Social Forum.

For more information:

Center for International Studies – Managua, Nicaragua

Institute for Policy Studies – Washington, DC

Landless Workers Movement
(Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra – MST)

Secretaria Estadual – Rio Grande do Sul

MSTUR – Solidarity Tourism

Official World Social Forum website

Author: Sabine Blaizin

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