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Crisis as Opportunity: Voices from the U.S. Social Forum


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Women from the Peoples Freedom Caravan arrive marching into the USSF

Women from the Peoples Freedom Caravan arrive marching into the U.S. Social Forum. Credit: Lisa Rudman

This June, thousands of grassroots activists converged on Detroit, Michigan to attend the United States Social Forum. Participants said it wasn’t a conference, but a movement building process toward ecological and economic justice. We were at the forum, and on this edition of Making Contact, we’ll bring you some of the local and international voices we found there.


Lidy Nacpil, Freedom from Debt Coalition Vice President in the Philippines; Liepollo Pheko, The Trade Collective in South Africa policy & advocacy director; Invincible, Detroit-based hip-hop artist; Gloria House, Detroit-based professor and long-time activist.

Lidy Nacpil, Vice President of the Freedom from Debt Coalition addresses the global economy.

Liepollo Pheko speaks about the recent global financial crisis and its impact on women in Africa.

Detroit-based hip-hop artist Invincible says grassroots movements are alive in Detroit.

Gloria House or ‘Mama Gloria’ offers 10 poetic lessons-learned from Detroit social movements.

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Manila, Philippines

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Detroit, MI

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(Trade Collective)

Johannesburg, South Africa

US Social Forum 2010
Detroit, MI

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Shapeshifters by Invincible
Ai Bine by Ali Farka Toure

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