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Temp Work: Full-Time Insecurity


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Job insecurity is a reality for many workers in the United States. Current economic conditions have only added to an already precarious situation for working people living in poverty. On this program, we take a look at how the temporary work industry can offer some opportunities, but can also perpetuate pivot job insecurity.


Ethel Long-Scott, executive director of the Women’s Economic Agenda Project; Leon Sompolinsky, research director of the Data Center; Duane Tapkem, recruiter for the TSS temp agency; Mira Jang, Center for Policy Initiatives; Rosalie Orozco, single parent and temp worker in Silicon Valley; Tiffany Ente, organizer for Working Partnerships; Edward Nieto, producer and writer Raj Jayadev, a founder of Silicon Valley Debug.

For more information:

Working Partnerships – San Jose, California

Center for Policy Initiatives – San Diego, California

Silicon Valley Debug
San Jose Peace Center – San Jose, California

Women’s Economic Agenda Project – Oakland, California

Data Center – Oakland, California

TSS Temp Agency – San Francisco, California

Author: Radio Project

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