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Building Walls: Life in the Palestinian Territories


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Since the lines were drawn over 50 years ago, the borders of Israel have been intensely contested. With the construction of a wall in the Palestinian territories, a new border is being created. The Israeli government says they are building the wall for security reasons, but many Palestinians and human rights groups declare it is a violation of their civil liberties. On this edition of Making Contact, we examine the impact of the current border conflict on Palestinian sovereignty.


Mustafa Barghouti, Palestinian physician and human rights activist; Dalit Baum, member of “Black Laundry”; Huwaida Arraf, International Solidarity Movement; Abdel Raheem, spokesperson of PENGON; Omer Kaspi, Deputy Consul General, Israeli Consulate in San Francisco.

For more information:

Mustafa Barghouti – Ramallah, Palestine

International Solidarity Movement

PENGON – The Palestinian Environmental NGO’s Network – Jerusalem, Palestine

Israeli Consulate in San Francisco – San Francisco, CA

Author: Radio Project

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