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Occupied with Peace: Jewish Responses to the Mideast Conflict


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In the U.S. mass media in-depth criticism of the Israeli government is hard to come by; even harder to find are comments from Israelis and American Jews who oppose the military occupation of Palestinian territory. Among Jews, opinions on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict are diverse — many favor non-violent solutions to the conflict and peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians. On this edition of Making Contact, you’ll hear the viewpoints of Israeli Jews and Jewish Americans who are part of an international peace movement to end the violence in the Middle East. You’ll also hear about an American activist who put her life on the line in the Occupied Territories.


Liot Weingart, co-director of A Jewish Voice for Peace; Ben Eckstein, an Israeli conscientious objector, or “Refusenik;” Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Rabbis for Human Rights; Colin Reese, a close friend of Rachael Corrie, an American activist who was killed by an Israeli Defense Force bulldozer driver in the Occupied Territories; Cindy Corrie, Rachael Corrie’s mother; Phan Nguyen, International Solidarity Movementia.

For more information:

A Jewish Voice for Peace –Berkeley, CA

Rabbis for Human Rights –Jerusalem, Israel

Author: Radio Project

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