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A History of Resistance: The People of Palestine


We see images on TV of stone throwing children, the desctruction following a suicide bomb attack and Israeli army tanks and helicopters. But what’s behind the conflict? On this program we take a look at the Palestinian’s long history of resistance to colonialism and the current conflict over the Occupied Territories.


Hatem Bazian, Professor of Near East Studies at the University of California at Berkeley; Najiya Shana, a Palestinian American residing in Washington, DC; Moatsin Agha, a Palestinian from Gaza who was exiled after the 1967 war; As’ad Abu Khalil, a Research Fellow at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and author of “Bin Laden, Islam and America’s New War on Terrorism”; Marwan Barghouti, Secretary General of Fatah.

Author: Sabine Blaizin

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